A simple reboot of a host that is provisioned with Auto Deploy requires only that all prerequisites are still met. The process uses the previously assigned image profile, host profile, and vCenter Server location.

Setup includes DHCP server setup, writing rules, and making an image profile available to the Auto Deploy infrastructure.

Make sure the setup you performed during the first boot operation is in place.


Check that the image profile and host profile for the host are still available, and that the host has the identifying information (asset tag, IP address) it had during previous boot operations.


Place the host in maintenance mode.

Host Type


Host is part of a DRS cluster

VMware DRS migrates virtual machines to appropriate hosts when you place the host in maintenance mode.

Host is not part of a DRS cluster

You must migrate all virtual machines to different hosts and place each host in maintenance mode.


Reboot the host.

The host shuts down. When the host reboots, it uses the image profile that the Auto Deploy server provides. The Auto Deploy server also applies the host profile stored on the vCenter Server system.