By default, hosts provisioned with Auto Deploy are assigned DHCP addresses by a DHCP server. You can use the Auto Deploy host customization mechanism to assign static IP addresses to hosts.

Set up your Auto Deploy environment.

Boot the host using Auto Deploy.

Extract a host profile from the host.


In the vSphere Web Client, navigate to the vCenter Server that manages the Auto Deploy host, select Rules and Profiles, and select Host Profiles.


Right-click the host profile you just extracted and click Edit Host Profile.


Use the default name and description and click Next.


Change the default IP address settings by clicking Networking configuration > Host port group > Management Network > IP address settings.


From the IPv4 address drop-down menu, select User specified IP address to be used while applying the configuration.


If the host is in a different subnet than the vCenter Server system, select Network Configuration > IP route configuration > IP route configand supply the default route in the Default IPv4 gateway field.


Select Networking configuration and click DNS configuration. In the DNS settings field, make sure the Flag indicating if DHCP should be used check box is not selected.


Right-click the host and select All vCenter Actions > Host Profiles > Attach Host Profile.


Select the profile to attach and click Next.


Provide the IP address and netmask and click Finish.


Reboot the ESXi host.

The IP address is saved as a host customization and applied to the host.