Before you can remediate the profile to an entity (host or cluster of hosts), you must attach the entity to the profile or the profile to the entity.

When a host profile is attached to a cluster, the host or hosts within that cluster are also attached to the host profile. However, when the host profile is detached from the cluster, the association between the host or host within the cluster and that host profile remains.


In the Host Profiles main view, select the profile to which you want to add the host or cluster from the profile list.


Click the Attach/Detach Hosts and clusters to a host profile icon (Attach a Host or Cluster to a Host Profile icon).


Select the host or cluster from the expanded list and click Attach.

The host or cluster is added to the Attached Entities list.


(Optional) Click Attach All to attach all listed hosts and clusters to the profile.


Click Next.


(Optional) You can update or change the user input parameters for the host profiles policies by customizing the host.

See Host Profiles and vSphere Auto Deploy in the vSphere Web Client.


Click Finish to complete attaching the host or cluster to the profile.