The ESX Agent Manager SDK is part of the vSphere SDK. The ESX Agent Manager SDK provides a working example of a vSphere solution, the EAM Sample Solution.

The ESX Agent Manager SDK includes the ESX Agent Manager reference implementation, the EAM Sample Solution, ESX Agent Manager API documentation, Java source code for the sample, and the WSDL files that deploy the sample solution.


Download the vSphere 5.0 SDK bundle,, from the VMware Downloads web page,


Unzip the vSphere SDK to a convenient location in your development environment.


Navigate to the ESX Agent Manager SDK at the following location in the vSphere SDK.



Copy the contents of VMware-vSphere-SDK-5.0.x-build_number\SDK\eam to a folder where you can modify the files.

For example, copy the files to eam_work_folder.

You downloaded and located the ESX Agent Manager SDK, and made a copy of its contents to work on.

Set up the EAM Sample Solution.