From vSphere 5.0, you can integrate a vCenter extension with Solutions Manager by implementing certain data objects and properties from the vSphere SDK.

Solutions Manager is the principal location in the vSphere web client where a vSphere administrator can find information about the solutions that are running in vCenter Server. Solutions Manager also allows administrators to configure the solutions.

Solutions Manager displays the following information about a solution:

The solution name, version, vendor, and URLs to vendor and product home pages.

The health status of the solution.

Links to the virtual machine or vApp that is running the solution.

Lists of any ESX agent virtual machines that the solution deploys.

Lists of any vServices that the solution provides.

One or more solution-specific tabs that administrators can use to configure the solution.

Register with Solutions Manager all of the solutions that you develop. Typically, you create at least one tab to configure and monitor a solution. Solution configuration tasks to perform in a configuration tab include setting up the solution, specifying any database connections, and setting logging levels.

You integrate a solution with Solutions Manager by implementing certain properties and data objects from the vSphere SDK in a vCenter extension.

The information in this section examines the classes of the EAM Sample Solution to show you how to add a solution to Solutions Manager. Some information modifies the EAM Sample Solution to add new content to it.