An extension communicates with vCenter Server across a network, so you can use any programming language to create the program that manages an extension.

The product that you are exposing as an extension to vCenter Server determines the way you create the program that will manage your extension. The managing program must implement Extension to provide the information that vCenter Server requires to register the extension.

The EAM Sample Solution defines the server side of the solution in the class. is part of the Spring Framework Web application that runs in the vFabric tc Server framework. performs the following tasks for the EAM Sample Solution.

Initializes the vFabric tc Server application server.

Sets up the EAM Sample Solution by obtaining the values for the extension key, vCenter Server connection, IP addresses, and port configuration from the file.

Secures the connection to vCenter Server by using SSL.

Defines methods to construct the URLs through which to access the server side of the extension.

Implements the Extension object to register the EAM Sample Solution as an extension with vCenter Server.

Integrates the EAM Sample Solution as a solution with Solutions Manager.

Connects the solution to the ESX Agent Manager.

Instantiates the class that defines the ESX agents that the solution deploys.

Starts the solution in vCenter Server.

Defines a task to unregister the solution from vCenter Server.

Download the vSphere ESX Agent Manager SDK.

Verify that you have set up and started the EAM Sample Solution in an application server.

Open eam_work_folder\src\com\vmware\eam\sample\solution\


Create a program to manage your extension using the programming language of your choice.

The EAM Sample Solution defines the class to manage the extension. implements the Spring Framework API.

public class Manager implements InitializingBean {

Create an instance of the Extension data object with which to register the extension with vCenter Server. defines an internal method that instantiates Extension.

public class Manager implements InitializingBean {

  private Extension createExtensionObject() {
    Extension extension = new Extension();

Connect the extension to vCenter Server.