You set properties in the Extension implementation to integrate a solution with Solutions Manager. Some of the properties that you set refer to data objects in the vSphere SDK that are specific to Solutions Manager.

For information about the properties and implementation details of each data object, see the vSphere SDK API documentation.

Data Objects in the vSphere SDK that relate to Solutions Manager

Data Object



Provides an array of ExtSolutionManagerInfoTabInfo objects that implement the tabs that the solution adds to Solutions Manager.


Provides URLs to information about the solution, such as the solution vendor's Web site, a management interface for the solution, and a description of the solution. Also provides links to the virtual machine or vApp that runs the solution.


Provides information about the objects that the solution manages, such as a description, an icon to represent the objects that the solution creates in the vCenter inventory, and the types of the objects.


Provides names for the tabs that a solution adds to Solutions Manager and URLs to the Web applications that define the contents of the tabs.


Identifies types of virtual machine or vApp as belonging to a solution. You can configure the virtual machines or vApps that a solution deploys so that they appear in the vCenter inventory with special icons and descriptions. You can also warn users about performing operations on virtual machines or vApps that a solution manages.