You must configure the ESXi hosts before they can join the VSA cluster.

Install ESXi 5.0 or later on each host that you plan to include in a VSA cluster. For details, see the vSphere Installation and Setup documentation.


Log in to an ESXi host to configure it.


The root password is emtpy when you log in for the first time. To improve the security of your ESXi host, change the default password after you log in for the first time.


Each ESXi host in the VSA cluster must have a unique static IP address.


To isolate the management traffic of the ESXi hosts within the VSA cluster network, assign the same VLAN ID to each ESXi host that you want to add to the VSA cluster. Using VLANs is optional.


To enable DNS resolution on your ESXi hosts, add DNS servers to the ESXi network settings.


After you configure the ESXi host network settings, you can test the management network of the host to verify that it is working correctly.