You can view information about a VSA datastore, such as capacity, network settings, exported volume and its replica.

The number of VSA datastores matches the number of ESXi hosts that are in the VSA cluster.


In VSA Manager tab, select the Datastores view.

Information about shared datastores appears under the View area.


View information about all datastores in the table.




View the name of the datastore.


View the status of the datastore.

Online - the datastore and its replica are online.

Offline - the datastore and its replica are offline.

Maintenance - the cluster in maintenance state.

Degraded - the replica of the datastore is offline.


View the total capacity that each datastore has.


View the available space on the datastore.


View the space of the datastore that is currently in use.

Exported By

View the VSA virtual machine that manages the datastore.

Datastore Address

View the IP address of the datastore that vSphere Storage Appliance exposes.

Each ESXi host uses this IP address to read and write data on the datastore.

Datastore Netmask

View the netmask of the subnet that the datastore uses.


Select a datastore and view information about its status, network, capacity, and replica in the Datastore Properties section.

View the datastore status in the Datastore Properties section.

View the datastore IP address in the Datastore Network section.

View the free and used space of the datastore in the Capacity section.

View the VSA virtual machines that manage the replica of the selected datastore in the bottom-left corner.

A shared datastore has a replica which is managed by an appliance running on another ESXi host. The hierarchy in the bottom-left corner shows which two virtual machines manage the datastore and its replica.


Browse the contents of a datastore.


Select View > Inventory > Datastores and Datastore Clusters.


Right-click a datastore and select Browse Datastore.

The Datastore Browser window shows the contents of the datastore.


Click Close.