Install the VSA cluster service separately on a Windows computer.

You can install the service on the following platforms:

Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2008

Windows 7

Obtain administrator privileges to install and run the service.


Unzip the file into a permanent location.


Rename the created sub-folder VMwareVSAClusterService-5.1.0-build# to $INSTALL_HOME.


Manually disable the firewall to allow network traffic to reach the VSA cluster service.


Run $INSTALL_HOME/bin/setup.bat.

The script performs the initial setup work.


If IPv6 is enabled on the host, do one of the following:

Disable IPv6 on the host.

From the $INSTALL_HOME/conf/wrapper.conf file, delete the line that contains (line 69).


Run $INSTALL_HOME/bin/vmvcs.bat install to install the cluster service as a Windows service.


Run $INSTALL_HOME/bin/vmvcs.bat start to start the cluster service.

To uninstall the VSA cluster service from a Windows machine, use the Windows Add or Remove Programs option.