You can upgrade vSphere Storage Appliance and VSA cluster components to version 5.1.

Upgrading by following these steps upgrades the VSA cluster as well as the vSphere Storage Appliances A successful upgrade ensures that all vSphere Storage Appliances are upgraded to version 5.1. Mixed-version clusters cannot be managed by VSA Manager 5.1.

The single vSphere Storage Appliance upgrade procedure upgrades VSA Manager, the VSA cluster service, and the VSA cluster. When you upgrade vSphere Storage Appliance that is installed on the vCenter Server computer, you must first upgrade vCenter Server to a compatible version. You also upgrade ESXi hosts that are the VSA cluster members. For information on upgrading vCenter Server and ESXi, see the vSphere Installation and Setup documentation.

The following upgrade procedure is a full upgrade of vCenter Server, VSA and ESX. To upgrade only VSA but not upgrade vCenter Server or ESX, follow step 2 of the upgrade procedure only.

Ensure that you have a complete backup of all virtual machines that run on the VSA cluster, on media other than the VSA Cluster components. Verify that the VSA cluster is up and functioning properly.


If vCenter Server is not already running version 5.1, upgrade vCenter Server to version 5.1.


If the vSphere Storage Appliance is not already running version 5.1, upgrade it to version 5.1.


Upgrade VSA Manager to version 5.1.


On the vCenter Server machine, start the VMware-vsamanager-en-version_number-build_number.exe file.


Follow the prompts to perform the upgrade.


Put the VSA cluster into cluster maintenance mode.


Upgrade ESXi hosts to version 5.1.


Take the VSA cluster out of maintenance mode.

The following is the recommended order for upgrade:

Upgrade vCenter Server from version 5.0 to 5.1.

Upgrade the vSphere Storage Appliance from version 1.0 to 5.1.

Enter cluster maintenance mode.

Upgrade the ESXi hosts from version 5.0 to 5.1.

Exit cluster maintenance mode.

If the VSA Manager tab is disabled after you upgrade vCenter Server, restart VMware VirtualCenter Management Webservices. For information, see VSA Manager Tab Does Not Appear.

Enable memory overcommitment on all virtual machines that run on the VSA cluster. For information, see VSA Cluster and Memory Overcommitment.