After the VSA Manager installation completes, the VSA Manager tab does not appear in the vSphere Web Client.

The VSA Manager tab does not appear after the installation completes or between closing and re-opening the client.


Verify that VMware Virtual Center Management Webservices is running.


Select Start > Run, enter services.msc, and press Enter.


Select VMware VirtualCenter Management Webservices and view its status in the Status column.


If the service is not running, right-click it and select Start.


Verify that the VSA Manager plug-in is enabled.

From the Home page of the vSphere Web Client, click Administration and click Plug-In Management under Solutions.

Make sure that the status for VSA Manager is Enabled.


If the status is Disabled, right-click VSA Manager and select Enable.

The status of the VSA Manager plug-in changes to Enabled.