Use the Replace VSA Cluster Member wizard to replace an ESXi host that failed or underwent storage configuration changes.

You can use a newly installed ESXi host as a replacement. You can also use an existing host that underwent storage reconfiguration or was repaired after a failure. The management IP of the existing ESXi host can be reused.

Power off and delete the VSA appliance from the ESXi host that needs to be replaced.


If you do not delete the VSA appliance, it will attempt to rejoin the cluster when you later add the host to the cluster. This might cause unpredictable consequences.

Power off and remove from the vCenter Inventory the ESXi host that needs to be replaced.

Add a replacement ESXi host to vCenter Server. Make sure that the replacement host does not have any remaining VSA appliances.


In the VSA Manager tab, click Appliances.


Right-click a VSA cluster member whose status is Offline and click Replace Appliance.

The Replace Appliance wizard appears.


On the Select Appliance page, select the vSphere Storage Appliance whose status is Offline, and click Next.


On the Select Host page, select a replacement ESXi host and click Next.

VSA Manager verifies whether the available ESXi hosts meet the requirements to join a VSA cluster.


Select when to format the disks on the Format Disks page.



Format disks on first access

Disks are formatted after installation on first read or write. Takes less time for installation.

Format disks immediately

Disks are formatted during the installation with zeroes. This requires additional time during the installation process, but result in improved disk performance until all disk blocks are written to. After that, the difference in performance between the two choices is unnoticeable.


On the Verify Configuration page, review the configuration of the replacement vSphere Storage Appliance, click Install, and click Yes in the confirmation dialog.

Wait for the wizard to finish replacing the failed VSA cluster member.


After the wizard completes the task, click Close.

The wizard deploys a vSphere Storage Appliance on the replacement ESXi host and configures the appliance to join the VSA cluster and replace the failed VSA cluster member.