The VMware® Virtual Disk Programming Guide introduces the Virtual Disk Development Kit (VDDK) and the vSphere Storage APIs – Data Protection (VADP). For VDDK it describes how to develop software using a virtual disk library that provides a set of system-call style interfaces for managing virtual disks. For VADP it describes how to write backup and restore software for vSphere.
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Revision History
Revision History summarizes the significant changes in each version of this guide.
Final version for the VDDK 5.0 release, subsuming Designing Backup Solutions technical note.
Intended Audience
This guide is intended for developers who are creating applications that manage virtual storage. It assumes knowledge of C and C++ programming. For VADP development, it assumes knowledge of Java.
Supported Platform Products
You can develop VDDK programs using either Linux or Windows, and test them using VMware Workstation. To develop and test VADP programs, you need an ESXi host, preferably with shared SAN storage.
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