Data Object - VirtualMachineTargetInfo

Extended by
VirtualMachineCdromInfo, VirtualMachineDatastoreInfo, VirtualMachineDiskDeviceInfo, VirtualMachineFloppyInfo, VirtualMachineNetworkInfo, VirtualMachineParallelInfo, VirtualMachinePciPassthroughInfo, VirtualMachineScsiPassthroughInfo, VirtualMachineSerialInfo, VirtualMachineSoundInfo, VirtualMachineUsbInfo

Data Object Description

The TargetInfo specified a value that can be used in the device backings to connect the virtual machine to a physical (or logical) host device.


Name Type Description

List of configurations that this device is available for. This is only filled out if more than one configuration is requested.

The identification of the endpoint on the host. The format of this depends on the kind of virtual device this endpoints is used for. For example, for a VirtualEthernetCard this would be a networkname, and for a VirtualCDROM it would be a device name.
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