Data Object - HostProfileCompleteConfigSpec

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ComplianceProfile, HostApplyProfile, HostSystem
vSphere API 4.0

Data Object Description

The HostProfileCompleteConfigSpec data object specifies the complete configuration for a host profile.


Name Type Description

Profile that contains configuration data for the host.

User defined compliance profile. Reserved for future use.

List of expressions to be disabled. Each entry in the list specifies a All expressions are enabled by default.

If you set disabledExpressionListChanged to True, the Profile Engine uses the contents of this list to replace the contents of the HostProfile.config.disabledExpressionList.

The expression list is contained in the defaultComplyProfile. The Profile Engine automatically generates the default compliance profile when you create a host profile.


Flag indicating if this configuration specification contains changes in the disabledExpressionList. If False, the Profile Engine ignores the contents of the disabled expression list.
to a HostSystem

Host for profile validation. This can be a host on which the profile is intended to be used. If you do not specify a validator host, the Profile Engine uses the HostProfile.referenceHost to validate the profile.

Since vSphere API 5.0
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