Data Object - HostConnectInfo

Returned by
QueryConnectionInfo, QueryHostConnectionInfo
See also
HostConnectInfoNetworkInfo, HostDatastoreConnectInfo, HostLicenseConnectInfo, HostListSummary, VirtualMachineSummary

Data Object Description

This data object type contains information about a single host that can be used by the connection wizard. This can be returned without adding the host to VirtualCenter.


Name Type Description

Whether or not the host supports clustering capabilities such as HA or DRS and therefore can be added to a cluster. If false, the host must be added as a standalone host.

The list of datastores on the host.

Summary information about the host. The status fields and managed object reference is not set when an object of this type is created. These fields and references are typically set later when these objects are associated with a host.

If the host is already being managed by a vCenter Server, this property reports true if the host is also part of a vSphere HA enabled cluster. If this is the case, remove or disconnect the host from this cluster before adding it to another vCenter Server.

Since vSphere API 5.0

License manager information on the host

Since vSphere API 4.0

The list of network information for networks configured on this host.

The IP address of the VirtualCenter already managing this host, if any.

Whether or not the host requires a vimAccountName and password to be set in the ConnectSpec. This is normally only required for VMware Server hosts.

The list of virtual machines on the host.
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