Data Object - OvfManagerCommonParams

Extended by
OvfCreateImportSpecParams, OvfParseDescriptorParams, OvfValidateHostParams
See also
vSphere API 4.0

Data Object Description

A common super-class for basic OVF descriptor parameters


Name Type Description

The key of the chosen deployment option. If empty, the default option is chosen. The list of possible deployment options is returned in the result of parseDescriptor.

The locale-identifier to choose from the descriptor. If empty, the default locale on the server is used.

An optional set of localization strings to be used. The server will use these message strings to localize information in the result and in error and warning messages.

This argument allows a client to pass messages from external string bundles. The client is responsible for selecting the right string bundle (based on locale) and parsing the external string bundle. The passed in key/value pairs are looked up before any messages included in the OVF descriptor itself.

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