You can change or add virtual machine configuration parameters if you intend to use experimental features or when instructed by a VMware technical support representative.

You also might see VMware documentation that instructs you to change or add a parameter. In such cases, you can safely follow the recommended procedure.

The following conditions apply:

To change a parameter, you change the existing value for the keyword/value pair. For example, if you start with the keyword/value pair, keyword/value, and change it to keyword/value2, the result is keyword=value2.

You cannot delete a configuration parameter entry.


You must assign a value to configuration parameter keywords. If you don't assign a value, the keyword can return a value of 0, false, or disable, which can result in a virtual machine that cannot power on.


Select a virtual machine.

In the virtual machines and templates inventory tree, select a group of virtual machines and select a virtual machine from the list on the right.

Search for a virtual machine and select it from the search results list.


In the VM Hardware panel, click Edit Settings.


Click VM Options.


Click the Advanced triangle to expand the advanced options.


Click Edit Configuration.


(Optional) To add a parameter, click Add Row and enter a name and value for the parameter.


(Optional) To change a parameter, type a new value in the Value text box for that parameter.


Click OK.