Orchestrator uses the vCenter Web Service API to control vCenter Server. You can set the parameters to enable Orchestrator to connect to your vCenter Sever instances.

Import the SSL certificates for each vCenter Server instance you define. See Installing and Configuring VMware vCenter Orchestrator.


Log in to the Orchestrator configuration interface as vmware.


Click vCenter Server 5.0.1.


Click New vCenter Server Host.


From the Available drop-down menu, select Enabled.


In the Host text box, type the IP address or the DNS name of the vCenter Server host.


In the Port text box, retain the default value, 443.


(Optional) Select the Secure channel check box to establish a secure connection to your vCenter Server host.


In the Path text box, retain the default value, /sdk.

This value is the location of the SDK that you use to connect to your vCenter Server instance.


In the User name and Password text boxes, type the credentials for Orchestrator to use to establish the connection to the vCenter Server host.

The user that you select must be a valid user with administrative privileges on your vCenter Server, preferably at the top of the vCenter Server tree structure. Orchestrator uses these credentials to monitor the vCenter Web service, typically to operate Orchestrator system workflows. All other requests inherit the credentials of the user who triggers an action.


Select the method you use to manage user access on the vCenter Server host.



Share a unique session

Allows Orchestrator to create only one connection to vCenter Server. Type the credentials of a user who is a vCenter Server administrator.

Session per user


Each user who logs in to Orchestrator creates a new session to vCenter Server. This might rapidly use CPU, memory, and bandwidth.

Select this option if your vCenter Server is in an Active Directory domain. Make sure that the user has the necessary permissions to perform the required operations.


Click Apply changes.

The URL to the newly configured vCenter Server host is added to the list of defined hosts.


Repeat Step 3 through Step 11 for each vCenter Server instance.