The Orchestrator configuration interface uses a secure connection to communicate with vCenter Server. You can import the required SSL certificate from a URL or file.


Log in to the Orchestrator configuration interface as vmware.


Click Network.


In the right pane, click the SSL Certificate tab.


Load the vCenter Server SSL certificate in Orchestrator from a URL address or file.



Import from URL

Specify the URL of the vCenter Server:


Import from file

Obtain the vCenter Server certificate file. The file is usually available at the following locations:

C:\Documents and Settings\AllUsers\ApplicationData\VMware\VMware VirtualCenter\SSL\rui.crt



Click Import.

A message confirming that the import is successful appears.


Repeat the steps for each vCenter Server instance that you want to add to the Orchestrator server.

The imported certificate appears in the Imported SSL certificates list. On the Network tab, the red triangle changes to a green circle to indicate that the component is now configured correctly.

Each time you want to specify the use of an SSL connection to a vCenter Server instance, you must return to the SSL Certificate tab on the Network tab and import the corresponding vCenter Server SSL certificate.