Use the data migration tool that is included in the vCenter Server installation media to back up the existing Orchestrator configuration and restore it to a new Orchestrator instance.

Migrating Orchestrator configuration settings by using the data migration tool is only possible when Orchestrator is installed silently with vCenter Server. For instructions about migrating configuration settings for a standalone Orchestrator instance, see Export the Orchestrator Configuration and Import the Orchestrator Configuration.

For detailed information about backing up and restoring the existing vCenter Server database and configuration, see the vSphere Upgrade documentation.

Log in to the 32-bit source machine as an administrator.

Verify that vCenter Orchestrator 4.0 or an update release is installed and configured.

Stop the VMware vCenter Orchestrator Configuration, VMware vCenter Orchestrator Server, and VMware VirtualCenter Server services.

If the \datamigration\data\ folder already exists from a previous backup attempt, backup cannot proceed. Remove or rename this folder before backing up the Orchestrator configuration.


Start the vCenter Server installer.

In the software installer directory, double-click the autorun.exe file.


Click Explore media.


Open the datamigration folder and extract the archive to a writeable local file system on the source machine.


From the Windows command prompt, navigate to the datamigration folder, type backup.bat, and press Enter to run the backup script of the data migration tool.


Respond to the script prompts.

The script checks the vCenter Server version, database type, VMware vCenter Update Manager configuration (if installed), and Orchestrator configuration to determine whether they are compatible with the data migration tool.


Check \logs\backup.log in the datamigration folder for errors.

If you find no errors, the data backup was successful.

If you find errors, correct the source of the error and rerun backup.bat.

The existing Orchestrator configuration is successfully exported. The file that stores the system settings is named vco.backup.vmoconfig and is located in the datamigration\data\vco folder.

Back up any standard Orchestrator elements that you modified. During the database upgrade, elements with a higher version number silently overwrite the existing elements. See Back Up Modified and Custom Orchestrator Elements.