If vCenter Orchestrator 4.0.x is installed on the same 64-bit machine as vCenter Server 4.0 and the later update releases, you cannot upgrade Orchestrator by upgrading to vCenter Server 5.0.1. VMware does not support the in-place upgrade of a standalone Orchestrator instance running on a 64-bit machine.

To upgrade to Orchestrator 4.2.1, you must export the Orchestrator configuration settings, uninstall the existing Orchestrator instance, run the Orchestrator installer, and import the configuration settings.


The Orchestrator configuration interface provides a mechanism to export the Orchestrator configuration settings to a local file. This mechanism allows you to take a snapshot of your system configuration at any moment and import this configuration into a new Orchestrator instance.


You can remove the Orchestrator client and server components from your system by using Add or Remove Programs.


For production environments and to enhance the scalability of your Orchestrator setup, install Orchestrator on a dedicated Windows machine.


You can restore the previously exported system configuration if a system failure occurs or when you reinstall Orchestrator.