If your Orchestrator 4.0.x is installed on a 32-bit machine, you might want to migrate your Orchestrator data to a 64-bit machine and then perform an upgrade to a later version.

The vCenter Server 5.0.1 installation media includes a data migration tool that you can use to migrate Orchestrator and vCenter Server configuration data from a 32-bit vCenter Server machine to a 64-bit machine. You can find the data migration tool in C:\install_directory\datamigration.

For detailed instructions about migrating the vCenter Server configuration and database, see the vSphere Upgrade documentation.

You can migrate the following Orchestrator configuration data with the data migration tool:

Network configuration settings

LDAP connection data

Database connection data

SSL certificates


vCenter Server plug-in configuration data

Mail plug-in configuration data

SSH plug-in configuration data

The Orchestrator database is not migrated. Your new Orchestrator instance accesses the existing database if it is running on a dedicated database server. If you are upgrading from vCenter Orchestrator 4.0, you must update the database from the Database tab of the Orchestrator configuration interface.

If your Orchestrator database is local to the Orchestrator server, it becomes inaccessible after the configuration backup because the 64-bit machine uses the IP address and host name of the source machine. You must set up a new database and configure the database connection from the Database tab of the Orchestrator configuration interface.