If your LDAP server uses SSL, you can import the SSL certificate file to the Orchestrator configuration interface and activate secure connection between Orchestrator and LDAP.

For instructions about configuring your LDAP server for SSL access, see third-party documentation.

Verify that SSL access is enabled on the LDAP server.

If you are using LDAPs, Windows 2003 or 2008, and AD, verify that the LDAP Server Signing Requirements group policy is disabled on the LDAP server.

Obtain a self-signed server certificate or a certificate that is signed by a Certificate Authority.


Log in to the Orchestrator configuration interface as vmware.


Click Network.


In the right pane, click the SSL Certificate tab.


Browse to select a certificate file to import.


Click Import.

A message confirming that the import is successful appears.


Click Startup Options.


Click Restart the vCO configuration server to restart the Orchestrator Configuration service after adding a new SSL certificate.

The imported certificate appears in the Imported SSL certificates list. You activated secure connection between Orchestrator and your LDAP server.

You must enable SSL on the LDAP tab in the Orchestrator configuration interface.