When you have installed and configured vCenter Orchestrator, you can use Orchestrator to automate frequently repeated processes related to the management of the virtual environment.

Log in to the Orchestrator client, run, and schedule workflows on the vCenter Server inventory objects or other objects that Orchestrator accesses through its plug-ins.

Publish the weboperator Web view and provide browser access to Orchestrator workflows to users and user groups.

Set up the user permissions on Orchestrator objects.

Duplicate and modify the standard Orchestrator workflows and write your own actions and workflows to automate operations in vCenter Server.

Develop plug-ins, Web services, and Web views to extend the Orchestrator platform.

For information about features and instructions about using and maintaining Orchestrator, see Administering VMware vCenter Orchestrator.

For guidance with advanced development tasks and extending the Orchestrator platform, see Developing with VMware vCenter Orchestrator.