To establish a connection to the database, you must specify the database connection parameters. Depending on the type of database you are connecting to, the required information might vary.

Database Connection Parameters

Connection Parameter


User name

The user name that Orchestrator uses to connect and operate the selected database. The name you select must be a valid user on the target database with db_owner rights.


The password for the user name you entered.

Database host IP address or DNS name

The database server IP address or DNS name.


The database server port that allows communication to your database.

Database name

The full unique name of your database. The database name is specified by the SERVICE_NAMES parameter in the initialization parameter file.

Instance name (if any)

The name of the database instance that can be identified by the INSTANCE_NAME parameter in the database initialization parameter file.

Domain (SQL Server only)

To use Windows authentication, specify the domain name of the SQL Server machine, for example

To use SQL authentication, leave this text box blank.

Use Windows authentication mode (NTLMv2)

Select to send NTLMv2 responses when using Windows authentication.

This option is valid only for SQL Server.