Some errors that appear for tasks, events, and in error dialogs can be submitted to VMware for further investigation. In some cases, more information or links to knowledge base articles are provided.

Perform this task in the vSphere Client, within an error dialog, Task Details, or Event Details


Click Submit error report to send the error report.

The Submit Error Report window displays details about the specific error.


(Optional) Click the printer icon to print the error log report.


(Optional) Click the disk icon to save the error log report.

The error log report can be saved as an HTML file. If you are working offlline, this allows you to use the HTML file to submit the error report to VMware at a later time.


Click Submit.

The data is sent to VMware for analysis. Additionally, the data is compared to entries in the VMware Knowledge Base and, if matches are found, the relevant articles are displayed.