You might find it useful to have an alarm notify you, or to have an action take place, when a particular event occurs. vSphere provides a set of preconfigured alarms. You can create new, custom alarms and modify the settings of existing ones.


In the inventory, select the object on which to create the alarm.

For example, to create an alarm for all hosts in a cluster, display the cluster. To create an alarm for a single host, display the host.


Select File > New > Alarm.


Complete the information on the General tab.


Enter an alarm name and description.


In Alarm Type, select the object to monitor and select Monitor for specific events occurring on this object.


Click the Triggers tab and set up the alarm triggers.


Click to the Actions tab and set up the alarm actions.

The vCenter Server verifies the configuration of the alarm and adds the alarm to the list of alarms for the selected object.

For help on configuring the values on each tab, click Help.