You can export the license use data for a certain period and for a vCenter Server system in a CSV file for later analysis and reference.

The license use information that you view in the Reporting tab differs from the license use information that you can export.

The license use information on the Reporting tab is aggregated data from the license use snapshots available in the vCenter Server database for the period that you select.

The exported report contains raw data about the license use of products for a single vCenter Server instance or a Linked Mode group. The exported report includes all of the snapshots collected over the selected period. The exported report can contain host, vCenter Server, or solution asset IDs, but does not include user-defined names. The exported report is free of user and company-specific information.

Each row of the exported report CSV file lists a single license use snapshot, which includes an asset, its assigned license key, and the use at the given timestamp.

Information in an Exported Report

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License Key

Assigned license key.

Product Edition

Edition of the product to which the license key belongs.

Cost Unit

Capacity type of the license key (CPU, instance, virtual machine, and so on).

License Key Expiration Date

If applicable.

Asset ID

Automatically generated ID that vCenter Server uses to identify the asset.


Amount of units from the license capacity that the asset uses at the time of the timestamp. The unit of this value is indicated in the Cost Unit column.


Capacity of the license key. The unit of this value is indicated in the Cost Unit column.

vCenter Servers

vCenter Server instances for which the usage is reported. This column is useful when the report is generated for multiple vCenter Server instances.


Timestamp of the license use snapshot.

The last section of raw data in the file contains a signature that is a checksum of the file content. You can ignore this section of the report.