The vRAM usage equals the sum of memory that is configured on powered-on virtual machines that run on ESXi 5.0 hosts. The vRAM usage is calculated for every vRAM pool that is available in a vCenter Server system or a Linked Mode group.

For example, suppose that the vRAM pool for vSphere Standard contains 320GB of vRAM. On the ESXi 5.0 hosts that are licensed with vSphere 5.0 Standard, you can create and power on 50 virtual machines each with 4GB of configured memory. The total amount of memory that is provisioned on the new virtual machines is 200GB, and the vRAM usage for the vRAM pool for vSphere Standard is 200GB.


If any of your virtual machines have more than 96GB of configured memory, the amount of memory above 96GB does not count against vRAM. For example, if you power on two virtual machines each with 100GB of configured memory, the vRAM usage for the virtual machines is 192GB.