VMware Tools improves the performance and management of the virtual machine.

VMware Tools is a suite of utilities that you install in the operating system of a virtual machine. VMware Tools enhances the performance of a virtual machine and makes possible many of the ease-of-use features in VMware products. For example, the following features are just some of the features that are available only if VMware Tools is installed:

Significantly faster graphics performance and Windows Aero on operating systems that support Aero

Copying and pasting text, graphics, and files between the virtual machine and the host or client desktop

Improved mouse performance

Synchronization of the clock in the virtual machine with the clock on the host or client desktop

Scripting that helps automate guest operating system operations

Although the guest operating system can run without VMware Tools, many VMware features are not available until you install VMware Tools. For example, if you do not have VMware Tools installed in your virtual machine, you cannot use the shutdown or restart options from the toolbar. You can use only the power options.

The installers for VMware Tools are ISO image files. An ISO image file looks like a CD-ROM to your guest operating system. There is an ISO image file for each type of guest operating system, including Windows, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, and NetWare. When you select the command to install or upgrade VMware Tools, the virtual machine’s first virtual CD-ROM disk drive temporarily connects to the VMware Tools ISO file for your guest operating system.

For complete information about VMware Tools, see Installing and Configuring VMware Tools.