You mount an unmounted VMFS datastore by using the context menu.

You can use the context menu to mount a datastore after you unmount a datastore from a host. If the datastore was accessible from more than one host before it was unmounted, you can use the Mount Datastore wizard to select the hosts that the datastore will be mounted on.


Select Home > Inventory > Datastores and Datastore Cluster.


Right-click an unmounted datastore and select Mount.


The datastore that is unmounted from some hosts while being mounted on others, is shown as active in the Datastores and Datastore Clusters view.


Specify which hosts should access the datastore in the Mount Datastore wizard.

By default, all hosts are selected.


Deselect the hosts where you want to keep the datastore unmounted.


Click Next.


Review the list of hosts on which to mount the datastore and click Finish.