Planned device removal is a device disconnection detectable by an ESXi host. You can perform an orderly removal and reconnection of a storage device.

Planned device removal is the intentional disconnection of a storage device. You might plan to remove a device for a variety of reasons, such as upgrading your hardware or reconfiguring your storage devices. To perform an orderly removal and reconnection of a storage device, use the following procedure:


Migrate virtual machines from the device you plan to detach.

See the vCenter Server and Host Management documentation.


Unmount the datastore deployed on the device.

See Unmount VMFS or NFS Datastores.


Detach the storage device.

See Detach Storage Devices.

You can now perform a reconfiguration of the storage device by using the array console.


Reattach the storage device.

See Attach Storage Devices.


Mount the datastore and restart the virtual machines.

To mount a shared datastore, see Mount Shared VMFS Datastores.

To mount an unshared datastore, see Mount Unshared VMFS Datastores.