When you use an AX100 FC storage device directly connected to an ESXi system, you must verify that all connections are operational and unregister any connections that are no longer in use. If you do not, ESXi cannot discover new LUNs or paths.

Consider the following scenario:

An ESXi host is directly connected to an AX100 storage device. The host has two FC HBAs. One of the HBAs was previously registered with the storage array and its LUNs were configured, but the connections are now inactive.

When you connect the second HBA on the host to the AX100 and register it, the host correctly shows the array as having an active connection. However, none of the LUNs that were previously configured to the host are visible, even after repeated rescans.

To resolve this issue, remove the inactive HBA, unregister the connection to the inactive HBA, or make all inactive connections active. This causes only active HBAs to be in the storage group. After this change, rescan to add the configured LUNs.