You can set up VMFS datastores on any SCSI-based storage devices that your ESXi host discovers.

With VMFS5, you can have up to 256 VMFS datastores per host, with the maximum size of 64TB. The required minimum size for a VMFS datastore is 1.3GB, however, the recommended minimum size is 2GB.


Always have only one VMFS datastore for each LUN.

If your VMFS datastore requires more space, you can increase the VMFS volume. You can dynamically add new extents to any VMFS datastore. An extent is a partition on a physical storage device. The datastore can span over up to 32 extents with the size of each extent of more than 2TB, yet appear as a single volume.


ATS-only datastores cannot span over non-ATS devices.

Another option is to grow the existing datastore if the storage device where your datastore resides has free space.