When you connect to a host with the vSphere Client, you can manage the host as well as all of the virtual machines that the host manages.


Select Start > Programs > VMware > VMware vSphere Client.


Log in to the ESXi host as the root user.


Enter the IP address or host name.


Enter the username root.


Enter the password you set in the direct console.


Click Login.

A security warning appears.


To continue, click Ignore.

This security warning message occurs because the vSphere Client detected a certificate that the ESXi host signed (default setting). For highly secure environments, VMware recommends certificates that a trusted third party generates. You can set up third-party certificates later.

If you are performing the getting started tasks for a basic single-host management system, after you connect to the host with the vSphere Client, use the Getting Started tabs to import a virtual appliance.

If you are performing the getting started tasks for evaluating vCenter Server for a multiple-host management system, do not import a virtual appliance. Install and set up vCenter Server by following the procedures in Getting Started with vCenter Server.