Follow the workflow in the sample tasks in this scenario to become familiar with the process for deploying virtual machines from templates.


To deploy virtual machines from a template, you must first create the basic virtual machine from which the templates are converted.


A virtual machine is not complete until you install the guest operating system and VMware Tools. Installing a guest operating system in your virtual machine is essentially the same as installing it in a physical computer.


When you have created a virtual machine with a guest operating system, you can clone that virtual machine to create a family of templates with that guest operating system. but each template having a different application installed.


Before you convert the virtual machine to a template, you must install the application that fulfills the role of the virtual machines that are to be deployed from the template.


You can convert a virtual machine directly to a template instead of making a copy by cloning.


Deploying a virtual machine from a template creates a new virtual machine that is a copy of the template. The new virtual machine has the virtual hardware, installed software, and other properties configured for the template.


When you deploy a virtual machine from a template, you can customize the guest operating system of the virtual machine to change properties. These properties include the computer name, network settings, and license settings.