After you create users and groups and define roles, you must assign the users and groups and their roles to the relevant inventory objects. You can assign the same permissions at one time on multiple objects by moving the objects to a folder and setting the permissions on the folder.

Permissions.Modify permission on the parent object of the object whose permissions you want to modify.


Select an object and click the Permissions tab.


Right-click the Permissions tab and select Add Permission.


Select a role from the Assigned Role drop-down menu.

The roles that are assigned to the object appear in the menu. The privileges contained in the role are listed in the section below the role title.


(Optional) Deselect the Propagate to Child Objects check box.

The role is applied only to the selected object, and does not propagate to the child objects.


Click Add to open the Select Users or Groups dialog box.


Identify the user or group to assign to this role.


Select the domain where the user or group is located from the Domain drop-down menu.


Type a name in the Search box or select a name from the Name list.


Click Add.

The name is added to either the Users or Groups list.


Repeat Step 6a through Step 6c to add additional users or groups.


Click OK when finished.


Verify that the users and groups are assigned to the appropriate permissions and click OK.


Click OK to finish.

The server adds the permission to the list of permissions for the object.

The list of permissions references all users and groups that have roles assigned to the object, and indicates where in the vCenter Server hierarchy the role is assigned.