A group is a set of users that share a common set of rules and permissions. When you assign permissions to a group, all users in the group inherit them, and you do not have to work with the user profiles individually.

The group lists in vCenter Server and the ESXi host are drawn from the same sources as their respective user lists. The group lists in vCenter Server are drawn from the local users or any trusted domain, and the group lists for the host are drawn from the local user list or from any trusted Windows domain.

As an administrator, decide how to structure groups to achieve your security and usage goals. For example, three part-time sales team members work different days, and you want them to share a single virtual machine but not use the virtual machines belonging to sales managers. In this case, you might create a group called SalesShare that includes the three sales people and give the group permission to interact with only one object, the shared virtual machine. They cannot perform any actions on the sales managers’ virtual machines.