Acknowledging an alarm lets other users know that you are taking ownership of the issue. After an alarm is acknowledged, its alarm actions are discontinued. For example, a host has an alarm set on it that monitors CPU usage and that sends an email to an administrator when the alarm is triggered. The host CPU usage spikes, triggering the alarm which sends an email to the host's administrator. The administrator acknowledges the triggered alarm to let other administrators know he is working on the problem, and to prevent the alarm from sending more email messages. The alarm, however, is still visible in the system. Alarms are neither cleared, nor reset when acknowledged.

You must have a vSphere Web Client or a vSphere Client connected to a vCenter Server.

Required privilege: Alarm.Alarm Acknowledge

Perform the following actions for the client you are using:



vSphere Client


Display the inventory panel.


If necessary, select View > Status Bar to display the status pane.


In the status bar, click Alarms to display the Triggered Alarms panel.


Right-click the alarm and select Acknowledge Alarm.


To acknowledge multiple alarms at one time, shift-click each alarm to select it, right-click the selection, and select Acknowledge Alarm.

vSphere Web Client


Select an inventory object.


Select Monitor > Alarms.


Select the alarms you want to acknowledge. Use Shift+Click or Ctrl+Click to select multiple alarms.


Click Acknowledge.

Alternative methods:

Click Acknowledge in Alarm Details.

Right-click an alarm in the Alarm sidebar and select Acknowledge.