Before you enable the ESXi embedded SNMP agent, you must configure at least one community for the agent.

An SNMP community defines a group of devices and management systems. Only devices and management systems that are members of the same community can exchange SNMP messages. A device or management system can be a member of multiple communities.

SNMP configuration for ESXi requires the vSphere Command-Line Interface. See Getting Started with vSphere Command-Line Interfaces.

From the vSphere CLI, type --server hostname --username username --password password -c com1.

Replace com1 with the community name you wish to set. Each time you specify a community with this command, the settings you specify overwrite the previous configuration. To specify multiple communities, separate the community names with a comma.

For example, to set the communities public and internal on the host, you might type --server --username user --password password -c public, internal.