The vSphere Client is a downloadable interface for administering vCenter Server and ESXi.

The vSphere Client user interface is configured based on the server to which it is connected:

When the server is a vCenter Server system, the vSphere Client displays all the options available to the vSphere environment, according to the licensing configuration and the user permissions.

When the server is an ESXi host, the vSphere Client displays only the options appropriate to single host management.

You perform many management tasks from the Inventory view, which consists of a single window containing a menu bar, a navigation bar, a toolbar, a status bar, a panel section, and pop-up menus.

The vSphere Client includes embedded assistance that guides users who are new to virtualization concepts through the steps to set up their virtual infrastructure. This embedded assistance is in-line content presented in the vSphere Client GUI and an online tutorial. You can turn off the assistance for experienced users. You can turn on assistance when new users are introduced to the system.