Core Services are basic management services for a virtual datacenter.

Core Services include the following services:

Virtual machine provisioning

Guides and automates the provisioning of virtual machines and their resources.

Host and VM configuration

Allows the configuration of hosts and virtual machines.

Resources and virtual machine inventory management

Organizes virtual machines and resources in the virtual environment and facilitates their management.

Statistics and logging

Logs and reports on the performance and resource use statistics of datacenter elements, such as virtual machines, hosts, storage, and clusters.

Alarms and event management

Tracks and warns users on potential resource overuse or event conditions. You can set alarms to trigger on events and notify when critical error conditions occur. Alarms are triggered only when they satisfy certain time conditions to minimize the number of false triggers.

Task scheduler

Schedules actions such as vMotion to occur at a given time.


A vApp has the same basic operation as a virtual machine, but can contain multiple virtual machines or appliances. With vApps, you can perform operations on multitier applications as separate entities (for example, clone, power on and off, and monitor). vApps package and manage those applications.

Multiple vCenter Server systems can be combined into a single connected group. When a vCenter Server system is part of a connected group, you can view and manage the inventories of all vCenter Server systems in that group.