vCenter Server Database Monitoring captures metrics that enable the administrator to assess the status and health of the database server. Enabling Database Monitoring helps the administrator prevent vCenter downtime because of a lack of resources for the database server.

Database Monitoring for vCenter Server enables administrators to monitor the database server CPU, memory, I/O, data storage, and other environment factors for stress conditions. Statistics are stored in the vCenter Server Profile Logs.

Enable Database Monitoring for a user before or after you install vCenter Server. You can perform this procedure while vCenter Server is running.


Log in to a SQL*Plus session with the system account.


Run the following SQL commands to grant additional permissions to the vCenter Server database user:

grant select on v_$system_event to user;
grant select on v_$sysmetric_history to user;
grant select on v_$sysstat to user;
grant select on dba_data_files to user;
grant select on v_$loghist to user;

vCenter Database Monitoring is enabled.