You can set up host profiles in a reference host and apply those host profile settings to all other hosts provisioned with vSphere Auto Deploy. You can either configure the reference host and export the host profile or, for small changes, edit the host profiles directly.

Install a vSphere Client to access the vCenter Server system that manages the host that you want to use as a reference host.


Use a vSphere Client to connect to the vCenter Server system.


Select the host and select View > Management > Host Profiles.


For a new profile, click Create Profile, or right-click a profile that you want to modify and select Edit Profile.


In the Edit Profile dialog, select the fields for the policy that you want to set up.



ESXi Dump Collector

Set up ESXi Dump Collector with the esxcli system coredump command and save the host profile (best practice), or configure the host profile directly.


Set up syslog for the host with the esxcli system syslog command. Save the host profile (best practice) or configure the host profile directly. See Set Up Syslog from the Host Profiles Interface.


Use the vicfg-ntp vCLI command or the vSphere Client to set up a host. If you use the vSphere Client to start the NTP Server, make sure the startup policy for the NTP Daemon is set appropriately.


In the vSphere Client, select the Configuration tab and click Time Configuration in the Software panel.


Click Properties, click the NTP Client Enabled check box and click Options.


Select the Start and stop with host button.


Set up the Firewall configuration, Security configuration, User configuration, and User Group configuration for the reference host with the vSphere Client or with vCLI commands.

Networking and Storage

Set up the Networking and Storage policies for the reference host with the vSphere Client or vCLI command.


Click OK to save the host profile settings.

Write a rule that applies the host profile to all hosts that you want to provision with the settings that you specified in the reference host (see Assign a Host Profile to Hosts), and perform a test and repair compliance operation.