You can create a rule that applies the previously verified image profile and the host profile you just created to all target hosts.

This task assumes you have a basic knowledge of Microsoft PowerShell and vSphere PowerCLI.

Make sure your system meets the requirements in the preinstallation checklist. See Proof of Concept Preinstallation Checklist.

Perform all preceding proof of concept setup tasks. See Auto Deploy Proof of Concept Setup for the complete list.


Log in to the console of the Windows system on which vCenter Server is installed with administrator privileges, either directly or by using RDP.


Start a PowerCLI session and type the following commands at the prompt.

Connect-VIServer -Server your_vc_hostname -User username -Password password <Enter>
Add-EsxSoftwareDepot path:\ <Enter>

Include the complete path and file name of the ZIP file you downloaded earlier. Adding the software depot is required each time you start a new PowerCLI session.


(Optional) Display the rules in the active ruleset by typing the following cmdlet at the prompt.

Get-DeployRuleset <Enter>


Create the rule that instructs Auto Deploy to provision the set of hosts in the specified IP range with the image you selected and with the host profile you created from the reference host.

New-DeployRule -name "Production01Rule" -item "image_profile", ESXiGold,target_cluster -Pattern "ipv4=IP_range" <Enter>




The ESXi image profile you used in the first deploy rule.


Name of the cluster in vCenter Server to which you want to add all hosts.


Either a single IP address or a range of IP addresses for the hosts you want to provision with the image profile and host profile.

When you specify a target cluster, the host profile is applied to all hosts in the cluster. Applying the host profile to each host is not required.


Add the new rule to the active ruleset.

Add-DeployRule -DeployRule "Production01Rule" <Enter>


(Optional) Remove the deploy rule you created for the initial boot operation.

Remove-DeployRule -DeployRule InitialBootRule <Enter>


Check the active rule set.


PowerCLI displays information similar to the following example.

Name:              Production01Rule
PatternList:       {ipv4=address_range}
ItemList:          {ESXi-5.0.0-XXXXXX-standard, Compute01, ESXiGold}

Provision all hosts and create an answer file for each host. See Provision All Hosts and Create Answer Files.