If you use Microsoft SQL Server database, the simplest way to assign permissions for a vCenter Server database user is through the database role db_owner. Assign the db_owner role to the vCenter Server database user on both the vCenter and MSDB databases.

Alternatively, experienced database administrators can set permissions by creating database roles and the VMW schema manually. See Set Database Permissions By Manually Creating Database Roles and the VMW Schema and Use a Script to Create a Microsoft SQL Server Database Schema and Roles. That method, available beginning with vSphere 5.0, is recommended, because it gives the database administrator greater control over database permissions. The recommended method also removes the requirement to set up the database dbo schema and db_owner role for vCenter Server users who install and upgrade vCenter Server.

Create the vCenter Server database. See Create a SQL Server Database and User for vCenter Server


Assign the role dbo to the vCenter Server and Microsoft SQL databases.


For any user who will install or upgrade vCenter Server, assign the user the default schema dbo.

When you install vCenter Server, the installer uses the default dbo schema to assign permissions to the db_owner role.