The VMware vSphere components and Support Tools are uninstalled separately, even if they are on the same machine. You must have administrator privileges to uninstall VMware vCenter Server


Uninstalling a vCenter Server system while it is running disrupts the vSphere Client connections, which can cause data loss.

Uninstalling the vCenter Server system or the vSphere Client does not uninstall any of the other components, such as the bundled database or Microsoft .NET Framework. Do not uninstall the other components if other applications on your system depend on them.


If you are uninstalling the vCenter Server system, remove the hosts from the Hosts and Clusters inventory.


As Administrator on the Microsoft Windows system, select Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.


Select the component to remove from the list and click Remove.


Click Yes to confirm that you want to remove the program.


Click Finish.