Before you perform a scripted ESXi installation or upgrade, if you are familiar with ESXi version 4.x scripted installation, note the differences between ESXi 4.x and ESXi 5.0 scripted installation and upgrade commands.

In ESXi 5.0, because the installation image is loaded directly into the host RAM when the host boots, you do not need to include the location of the installation media in the installation script.

ESXi 5.0 supports scripted upgrades in addition to scripted installation.

Command differences are noted in the following summary.

accepteula or vmaccepteula

Only in ESXi


Deprecated and replaced with install, upgrade, or installorupgrade.

auth or authconfig

Not supported in ESXi 5.0.


Not supported in ESXi 5.0.


Deprecated and unused in ESXi.


Not supported in ESXi 5.0.


Not supported in ESXi 5.0.

install, installorupgrade, upgrade

These commands replace the deprecated autopart command. Use one of these command to specify the disk to partition, and the part command to create the vmfs datastore. installorupgrade and upgrade are newly supported in ESXi 5.0.

serialnum or vmserialnum

Deprecated in ESXi 5.0. You can license the host only after installation.

See Licensing ESXi Hosts


Not supported in ESXi 5.0.


Not supported in ESXi 5.0.


Not supported in ESXi 5.0.


--level option not supported in ESXi 5.0.


Not supported in ESXi 5.0.